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The Hopewell Valley Republican Association is a volunteer team of citizens from the Hopewell Valley who share conservative views of lower taxes, less government intrusion, and the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness in our home towns. If you agree with these values, we encourage you to consider joining us.

We exist to equip and support fellow citizens to run for local offices, in Hopewell Boro, Pennington Boro, and Hopewell Township. Please consider a donation to support the efforts of these brave souls who sacrifice much of their (and their families) personal time to campaign for office.

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Ed “Jack” Jackowski for Hopewell Township Committee

The current Hopewell Township Committee is 100% Democrat. In a county with all Democrat elected officials. With Democrat representatives, and (for now) a Democrat governor. Let’s break the stranglehold the Democrats have on us, our community, and our taxes - it starts with Ed.
Vote for Ed, because he will fight to

  1. - Protect Hopewell citizens from higher taxes and spending
  2. - Finally bring a senior center to Hopewell Township
  3. - Proactive problem solving, rather than reactive
  4. - Give Hopewell parents and taxpayers a voice
  5. - Promote restoration of open public meetings

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